Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eagle Lake (November 2011)

This post is a few pictures from Eagle Lake in Hamilton county, Florida. These were taken  back in the beginning of November of last year . We frequent Eagle Lake pretty often so there will be more in the future. Heres a link to google maps so you can see an aerial view of it.,-82.80123&spn=0.017876,0.038538&t=h&z=15&q=eagle+lake+hamilton+co+fl&hl=en&gw=30&lyt=large_map     
Fishing this day was okay. We didnt get a lot of bites that day and have done better on other days. There are a lot of hybrid bass here as well. No gasoline motors are allowed here and black bass have to be 14 inches to take home.

This is the view from the boat ramp.

This was the biggest catch of the day.

Lots of big gators there as well. (Might wanna leave Fido at home)

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