Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alligator Lake again

Today we went to Alligator Lake again. We only had a couple of hours to fish today, so we went where was closest. We got there about 2 and left around 430. It was sunny most of the time we were out there, and about mid 80s. There were a couple of small rain showers, but nothing bad. I dont know the water temp for today because the battery for my depth finder died. We caught 13 total, but most of them were small. Only 2 were 15 inches.

First fish of the day

Todays baby fish

Wife caught this one

2 were caught that were this size (15 inches)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today we went to Watertown Lake here in Lake City. Its not a big lake compared to Alligator Lake. Ive fished here about 3 times before and never caught anything but today was a different story. We caught a total of 4 fish, and had a total of 6 bites. It was a great day, about mid 80s outside and mostly sunny. The water temperature was 73 degrees. We didnt catch any monsters and to be a keeper here, the fish has to be at least 16 inches. The ones we caught today were all around 15 inches. I did have a monster one hooked (I could feel his weight on my line) BUT....there was a 9 foot gator about 5 feet from me staring me down, blowing at me, and inching closer. So I let him get away. It was alligator central out there today. We saw more here than we see at Alligator Lake.

This is Watertown from the far right side of the lake. The boat ramp and fishing pier are off the frame here to the left side of the picture.

First fish of the day.

This was number 2.

This was number 4. We somehow missed a picture of number 3.

This was a little 3 footer chillin on a grassy patch.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Alligator Lake

Today we took another trip to Alligator Lake. Todays water temp started off about 69 degrees when we got there this morning and gradually increased to around 74. The outside temp was around the mid 80s. Like usual, we caught some fish (and some sunburn). Very rarely do we go and not catch anything. The biggest we caught today were 15 inches long and around 2 pounds...we caught 2 like that. The rest were in the 12 to 14 inch range. We caught about 15 total.  You can see from the pictures that we used a variety of worms today. Some days they all want the same thing, other days (like today) they all want something different.

This is one of the bigger 2 caught today.

Some of the lake residents that were out and about today.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Laura Walker Park in Waycross, Ga (3/3/2012)

This past weekend took us to Waycross, GA to visit friends and family for the weekend. Saturday (March 3, 2012) a friend, my son and myself went to do a little fishing at Laura Walker State Park. We just did some walking and bank fishing. There was a serious storm rolling its way in and it was overcast, the temperature was around 75 degrees. Im not sure of the water temp because I didnt have my kayak. We only got in about 2 hours of fishing before the tornados and storm rolled in on us. We didnt really get a lot of bites, but Friend caught one fish.

Heres the one he caught this past Saturday.

This is one from the same place but 4 weeks before (this is friends brother...again we were doing some bank fishing. Laura Walker lets you rent canoes but you can only use them from 8 - 11 a.m. and thats not enough time to get out to the good spots. You can also put in motor boats all day). 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March goes BANG!

Well March started out with a bang! We went to Alligator Lake again today. The outside temperature  was around 75-80 degrees but the wind was blowing yet again. It was mostly overcast; Looked like a storm was rolling in. The water temp was a little warmer than on tuesday, it was 69 degrees.We caught a total of 16 fish, and the majority today were actually keeper size (14 inches or bigger). The biggest one was right at 4 pounds.

 Wife caught the first fish of the day. She got a monster one to the boat and it fell off the hook as she went to grab it. Dont you hate that?

                               This was the big girl of the day. Right at 4 pounds!

Happy March Fishing, Everybody!