Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Laura Walker Park in Waycross, Ga (3/3/2012)

This past weekend took us to Waycross, GA to visit friends and family for the weekend. Saturday (March 3, 2012) a friend, my son and myself went to do a little fishing at Laura Walker State Park. We just did some walking and bank fishing. There was a serious storm rolling its way in and it was overcast, the temperature was around 75 degrees. Im not sure of the water temp because I didnt have my kayak. We only got in about 2 hours of fishing before the tornados and storm rolled in on us. We didnt really get a lot of bites, but Friend caught one fish.

Heres the one he caught this past Saturday.

This is one from the same place but 4 weeks before (this is friends brother...again we were doing some bank fishing. Laura Walker lets you rent canoes but you can only use them from 8 - 11 a.m. and thats not enough time to get out to the good spots. You can also put in motor boats all day). 

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  1. Hey, I recognize some of these peoples. And fishes.