Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today we went to Watertown Lake here in Lake City. Its not a big lake compared to Alligator Lake. Ive fished here about 3 times before and never caught anything but today was a different story. We caught a total of 4 fish, and had a total of 6 bites. It was a great day, about mid 80s outside and mostly sunny. The water temperature was 73 degrees. We didnt catch any monsters and to be a keeper here, the fish has to be at least 16 inches. The ones we caught today were all around 15 inches. I did have a monster one hooked (I could feel his weight on my line) BUT....there was a 9 foot gator about 5 feet from me staring me down, blowing at me, and inching closer. So I let him get away. It was alligator central out there today. We saw more here than we see at Alligator Lake.

This is Watertown from the far right side of the lake. The boat ramp and fishing pier are off the frame here to the left side of the picture.

First fish of the day.

This was number 2.

This was number 4. We somehow missed a picture of number 3.

This was a little 3 footer chillin on a grassy patch.


  1. Hi Chad! Didn't expect me to show up did you? (Lol) That Gator looks cool, yet of course dangerous. I like your blog, I'll try to visit it more in the future. And also I like the little fish on the screen that you can feed! :)

    1. Thanks Jack! Glad you like the fishes :)