Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lang Lake

This past Saturday took us to Lang Lake in Hamilton County Florida. Lang Lake is one of the Hamilton Phosphate Pits and the only lake of the pits that will be open this summer. Its 86 acres and you can only use trolling motors (or kayaks!) here, but gasoline motors can still be attached.

There were several other fishers there when we arrived. The weather wasn't great this day. It was cool, around mid 70's to 80 degrees and it rained off and on all morning, sometimes with heavy rain showers. We got there about 7:30 in the morning and stayed til around 2 that afternoon. The sun finally started peaking out about the time we were heading back to the boat ramp.

To look at this lake, you would think it would be great for fishing.

There is a lot of cover. A lot of cypress trees and grass and cattails around the edges. The water ranges from only about 1 foot deep to 20+ feet in places.

I have yet to figure this lake out. It seems like they will start biting one thing, then they just stop. I have fished here several times and I have yet to catch more than a few fish, and none with significant size (for keeping, bass have to be at least 18 inches in length). I know some big fish have been caught here, but none have ended up on the end of my line.

This is one of the 4 fish we caught this day. They were all around 12 inches. And there weren't any close together. We had several more bites than actual caught fish. And fish were bedding like crazy here.

We will probably try this lake again, especially since Eagle lake is closed til August. Maybe we will have better luck next time.

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